Fish In A Bottle

I just heard about this restaurant not too long ago.  It’s in Placentia near Yorba Linda on Rose Drive and Imperial Highway.  I went on a Friday, so because it’s lent, which means myself and all other catholics can’t eat meat, it was very crowded (seafood doesn’t count as meat).   Waited 30 minutes for a table…

The restaurant itself is very small.  They do offer dining on their patio, but it is still a small venue.  Fish In A Bottle doesn’t look like much on the outside because it is attached to other businesses, but on the inside it is very modern, dark, and clean. 

The service was decent.  The  waiter was worked very well, he deserved his tip.  But the food did take a while for it to get to the table.  The menu is huge, both in selection and in actual size.  The menu was heavy… haha.  Theres an amazing assortment of different rolls to order from.  The restaurant favorite is the Cowboy Roll.  Which is a sushi roll that has pieces of rib-eye steak in it.  Unfortunately that will have to wait for another time since I can’t eat meat on Fridays until Easter. 

The Mango Tango Roll is very good and different.  It has mango wrapped around the outside and has crab and macadamia nuts in the middle.  The texture is very pleasing, creamy from the crab and crunch from the macadamia.  The Mountain Roll is also very delicious.  It is a spicy tuna roll wrapped with baked salmon.  It is topped with a delicious cream sauce and fried onions. 

The prices here are decent.  $10 a roll.  Each roll comes with eight pieces.  Fish In A Bottle also serves Nigirizushi.  Which is the hand-formed sushi that is just a piece of rice and a piece of fish.  Their Nigirizushi is very good, but it on the pricy side, about $2.50 for 2 pieces.  But that is about that same price for Nigirizushi at any other sushi restaurant.  


Fish In A Bottle is a very good sushi restaurant.  Their servers are great, the foods great and the atmosphere is great.

Worth your money?


Next time you’re looking for some sushi, and just not your everyday sushi, I highly recommend Fish In a Bottle

1205 E. Imperial Highway. Placentia CA, 92870

714) 528-4000


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