Korean BBQ!

Cham Soot Gol

I have been going to this place in Garden Grove for the past 4 years now.  I am very loyal to it, and in turn, Cham Soot Gol is loyal to me.  I have never had a bad experience there.  I highly suggest that you come and try this place. 

This is what sets Cham Soot Gol a part from other KBBQ places.

  • The Service

The service here is amazing! I never have to ask for anything.  If they see an empty dish, they will ask if I would like more.  It’s also very impressive that the servers actually care how clean the customer’s grill is.  Cooking your food on a grill that has charred stuff all over it sucks cuz it will make the food stick and it makes the food taste bad.  The menu says all you can eat, the don’t lie here.  Most restaurants don’t even offer free refills on drinks anymore.  Not only is their service is very prompt, but the staff is very friendly.  Another cool thing about this restaurant, is that if you ever do need to ask for something, you don’t even have to get the server’s attention!  There a button on the table that lets the front know that you need something and they send a server back right away.  This last part about their service might be a bit weird, but Cham Soot Gol has a very attractive looking staff.  This helps their business a lot because, let’s be honest, would you rather have an attractive person or an unattractive person serve you food to you if the quality of their service is the same?

  • The Food

The food here is simply amazing.  After all you do cook it yourself.  But the quality of the meat is very good, the Brisket has the perfect fat to meat ratio.  The marinade on their BBQ Beef is very good, it’s sweet.  They use the same marinade on the Chicken as well.  The Spicy Pork is very delicious as well, although it isn’t spicy at all.  All of their Banchan is very good.  I love their seasoned Bean Sprouts and the Kimchi is also very delicious, it goes very well with the Beef Brisket.  I’ve been coming here for a while now, and before, their Tofu Soup was terrible.  I never touched it.  They revamped the recipe, and it is now on par with all of the other food served.  Before their Tofu Soup looked and tasted like something you would buy in bulk at Cost Co, eat one bowl, and leave the rest sitting in your pantry for the next few years.

  • Ice Cream!

To top off the meal Cham Soot Gol offers their customers complimentary ice cream!  Ice Cream never tastes as good as it does after KBBQ.  Trust me when I say, There will ALWAYS be room for Ice Cream after your meal.  They usually have 3 flavors at a time, Green Tea, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate. 

Prices – All-you-can-eat Lunch (till 3pm) $13

           All-you-can-eat Dinner (after 3pm) $17


Cham Soot Gol


9252 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite #10 Garden Grove, CA 92844


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